Saturday, 10 March 2012

Craft your way to a better, more sustainable life...

Karishma Shahani’s Upcycled Fashion

It may seem like everyone's going on about the economy, the climate, the end of the world, the effects of solar flares on humanity and in general reminding us of just how fragile our little lives are on this beautiful rock we call home.
After reading an article on solar flares (and no this is not a new Jean Paul Gaultier range of leg ware but it did make me think of jeans as you'll read further along!) I began to think on just how important it is for every single individual to take responsibility of their impact on our planet's environment.
The sun is huge and I wouldn't dare point my scrawny finger at it but even though solar storms are massively away Mr. Sun, I ain't arguing with you!
However I think we do need to take action. Good old,  positive, WW2 kind of black and white, "we're in this together" propaganda poster, couples staring out to the distant landscape kind of determined action! It's not enough to put the recycling out for collection in the mornings or join a group on face book which promises not to buy clothing for a year, because we both know that's pretty impossible, but what it does is high lightens the need for us to be a bit more creative and responsible about what we buy and where we buy it from.
What I'm trying to say is that maybe we could all make a pledge. A simple one like every time we walk into a shop and see a "must have" item of clothing to ask ourselves : "Do I need another pair/dress/shirt?" and "Is it worth buying?" 
It may be pretty and your heart might swoon just at the thought of it but buying super cheap, poorly made garments wont last! Not that you need to buy designer clothing but a good pair of mid range jeans will last longer then any 6 "Primarni" pairs will ever last you. With that same money you could get a really excellent pair of jeans! OK you only get 1 pair but the difference in wear and space left over in your wardrobe is priceless. And it doesn't have to stop with clothing.
So let's  change our ways. Lets make do with what we have and mend what needs a second lease of life. Let's pick up an unrealised craft project and finally finish it so it has a purpose. Let's clear out our craft stash and arrange a swap-shop type of event where friends can trade haberdashery, beads, wool, fabric and so on to make something new. Let's up-cycle something which we were going to throw away and make it into something we can love again and enjoy using for years to come!
OK so...Who's in?

Here are a few ideas which you can make with odds and sods:

Upcycled Vintage tray chalkboard! Photo by Regina Moore

Nut and rope braided bracelet. Photo credit unknown.

Washi Tape table. Photo credit unknown.

Re used bird cage shelving. Photo credit unknown.

Doily Lamp shade:

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