Monday 4 April 2011

New glorious,beautiful members!

Craft Guerrilla proudly introduce a selection of new guys and gals...oooh yes,didn't you know that we select only the finest most beautacious products and their makers to join? We've been doing it for 3 years now and we can honestly say that it just gets better and better! Membership is only open to designer makers of high quality,hand made art & craft.
Basically if you've got the "Craft Factor"'re in!
We pride ourselves in selecting only original,premium, hand made products to offer to you to purchase and enjoy for years to come.
Craft Guerrilla believes that using traditional craft techniques to produce updated and modern hand made premium products is just what's expected...and we encourage our army of artisans to fulfill shopper's expectations.
There's just so much top quality stuff out there being lovingly made by a troop of talented designers....
So if you're looking for a fantastic gift or just fancy a treat for yourself...shhhh we wont tell,everyone deserves a bit of self indulgence now and then...visit our East London Members page and prepare to drool!

*If you think your the next crafty super star get in touch. Please e-mail a few images or a web site address which stocks your creations.

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