Wednesday 20 April 2011

Are you the next Crafty Super Star?

Once again we're launching the Craft Guerrilla NEW* Designer Makers Competition! We'll be working with Twisted Thread the organizers of the Knitting & Stitching shows to showcase the best new talent in British and Irish Arts & Crafts!
We're looking for talented Designer Makers who are passionate about all things hand made, have a high level of craftsmanship and make beautiful, modern, high quality, hand made Designer Maker items!
We have 6 stall spaces up for grabs in each "Knitting & Stitching" shows in London, Harrogate and Dublin.

If you're looking to start your own creative hand made business then this might be the launch pad you need!

One of last year's winners Lindsey O'Harrow of BooBou Designs said:
"Good luck to anyone who enters, I won a place last year and my business is thriving! I'm going back this year so I'll see you there!"

What do you need to do?
To apply simply e mail Louise ( a short description of your hand made business, send a few images of that work (or a web site address which stocks your wares) and a brief covering letter on how this opportunity would help you.
*note: When photographing your work please take clear images, do not use fussy backgrounds and use good lighting. I can't stress enough how important it is to have good shots of your work! Don't send in anything which you wouldn't be happy being used as a representation of your work.

Criteria,who's eligible?
We're excepting applications from British and Irish based Designer makers and also you must work with in the area of the show or near. For example for the London show we're excepting people from London and the South East.
If you've applied last year and weren't successful you are welcome to reapply.

What's on offer?
You'll get a highly coveted stall at the Knitting & Stitching show. With so many visitors we expect you to sell and promote your creative company to thousands of people!

How much will it cost me?
Nothing! All you need to pay for is your own transport (getting to and from the show), your own expenses (like hotels, parking,meals etc), any stall decoration, stall staffing and any personal promotional materials like posters,business cards etc.
Please note that if you were paying for this stall it would cost you over £600 for the four days!

How do we chose the winners?
We'll chose 6 successful applicants to exhibit from all entries for each show. We will choose only designer maker items which we deem to be of outstanding quality and originality. Please do not be offended if you're not chosen. We get lots of applications so we're choosing only items which we think fulfill the brief and represent the ethos of Craft Guerrilla.

What are we looking for?
Though it's called the "Knitting & Stitching" shows Twisted Thread is very keen for us to introduce other craft disciplines like ceramics but all your work must be hand made! No mass produced tat thank you!
Indie crafters, designer makers and artisans this is your chance to take your work from a hobby to a business!

When will we let you know?
The deadline is the 30th of June can start applying now. A full schedule for the competition will be announced soon and winners will be announced mid to late July.

Good Luck!

Also please pass the opportunity onto your friends and fellow crafty colleagues as we want to spread the word far and wide!

*NEW as in non established,in the process of taking your craft business into the next level or even if you've been making for years but you've never taken the step!

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