Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Camden Crawl...Craftivista Social Club *UPDATE*

It's with a heavy heart that e announce the cancellation of the Obscuritones at the May the 1st event at the Camden Crawl!
Due to a massive miscommunication we're unable to offer you what is the main attraction of the "Craftivista Social Club" the live music! You'd think people,especially ones in the music business would get the pun...but anyway...let's just say that it's very frustrating when you write a proposal,talk and the phone,email over all the details and then at the last minute someone tells you it's not possible to have a band. Unfortunately the band have given up their time and where expecting to play so that kind of leaves us...the middle the "bad guy" position. Never fear though...we know the Obscuritones pretty well so they will be playing with us again at a later date at our own event.
BUT we do have two very fine DJ's *cough cough* one being myself or my disc spinning alter ego Handsome Betty and Jerome Anderson...or as I like to call him "The Bomber". We'll be spinning some good old vintage tunes with a few trashy tracks thrown in for good is after all Camden so our eclectic choice of music will fit right in!
We'll also be making a very cute special edition Cassette Badge pin celebrating the right for bands to make a living by a) not paying venues to be able to pay and b)receiving a fair whack of the ticket sales money.
Hasta lo primeiro de Maio! Viva la revolucion!!!

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