Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Thank you all for making it another successful event!!!

A big warm thank you to all the lovely shopper...over 1,500 visitors over the two days...that made their way to the Weekend Christmas Craft Emporium!
We're honoured that so many of you chose to come along and shop in the home of the father of the Arts & Craft movement.

Also a big thank you to all the gorgeous designer makers that chose to come to us to showcase and sell their wares. So many beautiful, quality items...truly, this year it's been the best so far!!!

Hand made shopping is so much more then "affordable" or "unusual" items...we want to redefine the value of HAND MADE. It really doesn't make sense that a HAND MADE item is sold cheaper then a mass produced one! It's a premium product, well priced and worth it's money...and most of all it's made with integrity, love and without exploitation!

This year we were sponsored by CraftNation.com. If you haven't heard of them yet... you will! Check them out because if you love hand made shopping they are starting a new way of e commerce and production!

Craft Guerrilla
managed to donate a staggering £600 plus to the gallery and that was because of all you lovely people!

Designer, shoppers, young makers and gallery visitors...Thank you for your support,we HEART you!

Pictures will be added as soon as possible!


Annika said...

Can anybody who went to the fair on SATRURDAY tell me the contact details for the guy with the print stand, who was downstairs in the entrance hall right opposite the gallery's cash desk? The one with the bike prints, birds in a tree and large animal prints? I'd be ever so grateful!

munano said...

we've emailed you with the details.Hope you got it. X