Tuesday 14 December 2010

A few of our favourite things...hand made Xmas gifts!

When I challenged myself to find a dozen hand made gifts solely on the internet I couldn't help but think there was a definite change in e commerce. With new CRAFT based sites like CraftNation.com leading the way there is truly lots of gorgeous hand made shopping out there to be done!
Last week internet sales were at their highest as many buyers hit the computer to find one off presents.
Personally as much as I like shopping the blandness of the High Street has much to blame for the way we now shop. There is a distinct lack of original buys and the fact that so many chain shops copy independent designers work just makes it even worse...well it puts me off buying from them though unfortunately the majority of shoppers have no idea this is going on.
So looking through two big craft web sites (Etsy and Folksy) I began to choose my top 12 items which I thought would make awesome X-mas gifts.
There isn't a theme...well there wasn't one when I started but it seems that ANIMALS are pretty much popping up on my hand made gift radar! Enjoy!!!

Beggars Bowl

Sweet Suzy

Sweet Suzy


Laura Baillie Designs


Tibor Leather

Gemma's Little Shop (of Joy)

House of Chintz


Jimbob Art

Sew You Hand Made

*Items selected by Debbie

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