Monday, 13 December 2010

Happy holidays...

That's it folks...another year crafted and hand made into something real special! We've had so much fun and lots going on but we wouldn't change it for the world. From books deals,Weekend Christmas Craft Emporiums to the Knitting & stitching shows...wowzers it HAS been a busy year...AND already we have a few events penciled in for 2011!
Don't forget that we're taking January off...well when I say off I mean just not doing the D.I.Y. Craft Night because you know how it is...we really can't stop, we're just too darn crafty!
So guys and gals make sure to check for updates but we'll be back soon.
Hope you have a wonderful Chrimbo and all the best for the new year! Feliz Navidade, Joyeux Noel and all that jazz!

PS we'll be recruiting craft helpers in the new year so if you can master crochet or tinker with a knitting pattern email us!

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