Monday, 26 October 2009

Volunteer your sewing skills to Crisis!

Crisis needs you in London from 23 to 30 December! If you can donate your time to this charity then please contact them through their web site:
or call them on 020 7426 3874.
The sewing and alteration service plays a vital role boosting the self-esteem of guests at Crisis Christmas by making alterations to their clothes and repairing their precious personal items in order to make them feel special and look fabulous!
Some tasks are simple, others much more difficult so we need a range of skills in the
sewing team. We are looking for people with skills ranging from professional garment-
making experience through to those who just love to sew to help us run the service this year. Even if you only have limited experience, you can help with the basic tasks such as sewing buttons on clothes and taking up hems – all tasks, however small, are important and really appreciated by our guests. So whatever your background in sewing, please sign up today.
And if you know anyone else who would like to volunteer for the sewing service,
please spread the word!
The service is open from 24 to 29 December inclusive. You have the choice of joining the team at our sewing service base for shifts from 1230 to 2030 hours or the mobile team that starts each shift at the sewing service base, then travels to other centres throughout the shift to provide a basic sewing service on site (transport is provided from the sewing service base and back before the end of the shift). The mobile team shift runs from 0900 to 1700 hours. We ask that every volunteer signs
up for a minimum of 2 shifts.
Thank you!

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