Wednesday, 28 October 2009

illustrators brief...

Once again our calls for assistance for illustrators have been fruitful. I told you before...they are a very generous,kind,talented bunch of people! So after our very successful 3rd issue of the Craft Guerrilla Craft Zine we decided that we'd like to share the platform once again and help out our illustrating friends to reach another audience...also it's pretty handy for us because we get gorgeous art work for our Zine! It's a win win situation!!!
The brief:
POSTER- A Xmas Craft Market, on Sunday 6th of December at the William Morris Gallery, Walthamstow. It will be a Craft market with stalls, a craft corner and a Choir (though we're waiting on confirmation on this so maybe have it on a separate layer which we can alter if needed).
We need something which illustrates the spirit of the Arts & Crafts movement,the brotherhood, modern craft,community,the holiday season and some how incorporate William Morris work...maybe a homage to his lovely prints?

Zine- it's our 4th issue! As it's tri monthly it will have to be quite varied and not just Christmasy! Also it's back to the usual low tech format of Black and White!
We'd need a cover...winter scene (with the prospect of Spring would be nice), craft,homeliness,nesting,hibernation etc. We also need images to illustrate a few articles on - Fashion,baking and craft (d.i.y. craft, making and mending ethos).

It's pretty free but I need a loose following of the brief.Remember it doesn't have to be all cute and fluffy...we like dark humour and want something pretty modern and vibrant though I am also a BIG fan of cute so don't hold back!
As a thank you you will receive a link on the Zine,our web site and blog plus we'll be happy to help you any way we can.

That's it my lovelies! Send your jpegs (300 dpi) to our e mail address:

Big craft hugs to you all!!!

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