Monday, 12 October 2009

Chrimbo Sparkle! Jewellers wanted...

We love sparkly things...ooh yes we' are Magpies don't ya know...and because we've had so many requests for stalls at our markets by talented jeweller folk that we decided to host a very special event! A one stop shop where you can get all your jewels and holiday accessories event. A place where all you fellow magpies can come to and get that sparkle fill! You'll find a selection of great jewellery to suit all budgets and tastes.
Great for finding a special gift for a family member,partner,friend and even for your self. They say charity does begin at home!
This "Christmas Sparkle" night is a one off special shopping event at the Nags Head Pub in Walthamstow Village and will be set up by one of our core members under the East London Craft Guerrilla banner.
Date is yet to be confirmed.
If you are a jeweller get in touch with Ellen send a few jpegs of your work and she'll let you know.

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