Monday, 13 October 2014

Love London Awards... and we're in the finals!!!

It's been a long time... well we've been going unofficially since 2006 so we're absolutely delighted that we're finally getting some recognition in our part of making the local economy diverse and vibrant!
Walthamstow has an amazing an diverse indie business community and competition is fierce... it's an absolute honour to be listed alongside the others! I had a hard time choosing my faves so... I know it's not going to be easy!!!

So if you'd like to help us then visit the website, press E (for East London) and you'll see "Walthamstow" our lovely neighbourhood. Our shop "Craft Guerrilla" is listed in the Best local shop category.
Voting's open for three weeks from October 7... so if you love what we do then please VOTE for us.

Finally... we'd like to thank all our lovely patrons who voted for us in the first place and it's because of you that we've made it to the final!!!
Your support has been what's kept us going and as you know sometimes it's been difficult to keep ourselves in business though as hard as things seem to get we're reminded of why we're here doing this... it's because of you lot and the love you've shown us! Also a huge thank you to all the designer makers and collaborators that have worked with us, past and present. We salute each and everyone of you... you guys rock!!!

Thank you!
The Craft Guerrilla team

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