Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Kitchenalia... The perfect inspiration for sorting out your own kitchen!

I love being in the kitchen, mainly because I find cooking a therapeutic pursuit rather then a chore plus I love the way it allows me to experiment with recipes through creative thinking and trial and error!
Decorating is a bit like that... follow a few simple rules and you can get the right look for you and your home... and if it doesn't quite work out just tweak and adjust!

Kitchenalia from Jacqui Small  publishers is one of those books that I found really hard to put down. I found myself cooing  over most of the kitchens which didn't help me make up my mind as to which style I prefer for my own!

It's hard... there are so many great looking styles and even though I thought I knew what I wanted this book has completely transformed my view of "my ideal kitchen"... and that's not a bad thing but it means it's back to square one!

It actually made me rethink a few points like usability, theme and even down to the utensils and furniture I would add to mine!

Though this book offers a few pointers and rules to follow it's also free and easy when it comes to mixing and matching. It provides plenty of inspiration without being dictatorial or insanely scary...
yes, all the looks in this book can be achieved without turning you into an undecided mess! I guess once you've figured out what overall look you want then the rest is simple.

The author Vinny Lee is a master of crossing over styles and making them work demonstrating just how easy it is to add personal style to your own kitchen.

I like the way it's categorised into two large sections to allow easy reference. A variety of sub sections showcase key styles and themes through The Kitchenalia Kitchens which include numerous styles from retro kitchens, collector's kitchens to reclaimed kitchens. The Kitchenalia Elements presents all other extras including crockery, storage, furniture to lighting!

I get the sense that Vinny Lee knows her stuff and her CV is proof of that! She writes regularly for The Times, House & Garden magazine -amongst other international magazines- and is also the interiors editor for the Sunday Express magazine.

What I do also love is the vast array of styles and the fluidity of the book as a whole. The photography is beautiful to say the least and it doesn't alienate readers into thinking it's unachievable and that it's all taken out of a show home. The very opposite, as I can actually imagine myself cooking in any of the kitchens featured in this book without feeling like an extra in a period film!
It doesn't look like a film set or an anachronism to the past! It's neither contrived nor fake but updated to cater for our hunger for great timeless retro design!

There's lots of handy info and tips on how to get the look without having to raid a bank to create your dream space!
If you're minimally crafty there's a plethora of ideas and inspirations that tap into up cycling and scavenging -Who doesn't love a good skip dive?- so you can add a few key pieces that will transform any dream into a reality.
Thank you Vinny for instilling that confidence and for letting us in on a few trade secrets too!

At present my kitchen is a pea green ode to the 1980's. It wasn't my choice but I've learnt to live with it.... but I won't have to for very long! It's a mish-mash of bad choices and very little original features though I do have a few possessions that will fit in perfectly with my new kitchen look just as soon as I get to grips with the enormity of the task.
In one hand I'll be clutching a copy of Kitchenalia, and in the other the wall paper stripper plus the belief that I can do this. I know I can!

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