Saturday, 5 July 2014

As easy as folding paper!

With the school holidays quickly creeping up on us we're often left searching for alternative ways to keeping the younger members of the family entertained and engaged. If you'd rather have your kids learning a craft skill instead of sitting in front of an iPad or TV screen then this might be the book for you!
Not only is "Origami 365" perfect for your kiddos but it's also pretty fab for adults too. Believe me it's got tons of stuff that both I and my partner will be making. I'm already treating some fabric with wallpaper glue to make flowers for a festival headpiece. That project I will be posting very soon on the blog so keep an eye out for that!

In this book, Taro Yaguchi, founder of Taro's Origami Studio and master of the fold, shares his unique "Kyu" System with us.
Not dissimilar to the the colour coded levels often associated with mastery in the field of martial arts you'll successfully learn the basic folds and bases where you'll be rewarded with passage to the next level. You'll be an Origami Black Belt in no time... or actually according to the "Kyu" System you'll be an Origami Red Belt in no time!

Origami can be used as a way to reward your little ones too... complete a task, make an origami piece and get a star on the behavioural wall chart which is good news all round!
Now I'm no expert on child rearing but having 7 nieces and nephews I have had lots of experience when it comes to finding interesting ways to keep them engaged and off the naughty step!
Having so much free time and not always the best summer weather can prove a chore when it comes to keeping the younger individuals in the family happy and content. So what better way is there to keep them entertained then by making something both you and they will enjoy?
But it's not necessarily something you might want to use just as a "treat" it's also a really amazing thing to learn as Origami can help explore creativity, problem solving and promote patience. But lets move away from the kids' angle and look at the book as a whole...

This book contains a brief history of the ancient art of paper folding as well as 12 projects which are clearly illustrated and are easy to achieve without the use of complicated jargon, fiddly tools or expensive materials.
You'll also find a selection of specific key folds and base forms that provide a foundation for the development of origami skills ranging from "the book fold" to the "outside reverse fold". If that means nothing to you... fear not, it's all explained and you'll be talking like an Origami master by the end of that chapter.

The book itself comes in a lovely presentation box set which also includes 365 pieces of beautifully designed origami papers in three different sizes, hence the title... yup, you'll have enough paper to last a whole year. Though I'm not sure I'd keep to the daily quota it's definitely a book I'll revisit time and time again.
If you too would like to get your crafty mittens on this book then please order via us to get a very special offer:
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And hey presto, lovely flowers!!!