Wednesday, 30 July 2014

5 minute tutorial...

We all know about the amazing insect repellent properties of eucalyptus oil so here's a quick and simple 5 minute tutorial to help add a little greenery to your craft room -or anywhere else in your home!- and also to help keep those pesky insects at bay using fresh leaves!
But you don't have to use these as repellents either as they also make cute green bunting.
I like to add them to my home to give it a fresh look plus however subtle the smell of English Eucalyptus it does definitely permeate a soft forest smell to the room.

I also like to use these up once they are dry in winter to burn over charcoal to help aid breathing once the cold & flu season get going!
My nan was a sage old woman who used to harvest eucalyptus leaves in the Northern forests of Portugal for drying in the sun over summer and to have handy once the sniffle season began. See Nana Adelaide, I was listening and paying attention to you!

Eucalyptus leaf bunting and Stefanos Rokos print...
On a door a bouquet to add a bit of forest fun!

For the green bunting you'll need...
A few fresh eucalyptus leaves
cotton sewing thread
sewing needle

Here's how...
Clean your leaves making sure they are free from bugs and larva eggs. Don't wash as you'll remove the natural oils but use instead a clean paper towel or a little soft brush which will help remove dust and mites.

Take a piece of thread -approximately the size of your intended green bunting- and thread through a needle.

Pierce each leaf until you have the desired amount.

Make sure to knot each end so they don't fall off and also to create a point for tacking into place. Otherwise use washi tape to stick your bunting to your chosen location....
It also looks pretty on walls as subtle party bunting!!!

I've added mine to my craft room as I've tried pretty much everything to help ward off moths. It's now under control but I hope these and their powerful aroma will keep them off my beautiful cottons and linens!

Or use as decoration...

For the bouquet you'll need...
Stems/branches of fresh eucalyptus -As we don't have a garden of our own we used some from a kindly neighbour but please ask before you chop any down!
Pretty ribbon

Here's how...
Pretty simple really! Remove smaller leaves from the end of the branch. Take a nice ribbon or some twine and tie together into a pleasing bouquet. I put mine on the bed frame as we've had a few mosquitoes...with any luck this should help keep them at bay!

You can use other leaves and greenery like rosemary, lavender or any ever green shrub/leaves you fancy! This pretty Evergreen bunting is just so pretty... can't wait to make some more!

That's it... and to be honest it's actually less then 5 minutes but...hey who's keeping time right?

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