Monday, 3 March 2014

Join the merriment!

Calling all London makers... We're opening up membership to all lovely London based designer makers! We'd love to share our success and what better way is there then by adding your very own banner to our membership page onto our highly visited web site? Yup, It's a great deal as all you need to do is pay a petite yearly membership fee and we'll add your banner with a direct link back to you!

It's that easy... plus there's no strings attached. If you look at it as an ad then that's pretty much what we're offering but you'll be showing your hand made talents to a captive and receptive audience... yes we get tons of hand made lovers visiting our website every day so yes... get in touch! E-mail:

*Please note that there is an aesthetic criteria which we follow and so we ask that you send us a few images or the link to your site so we can check if it's appropriate! Because we want our designer makers to be in the company of other bright sparks we choose only the best and most promising designer maker talent. But don't be offended if your items /products aren't quite what we are after... we really don't want to turn anyone down but in order to keep the quality and originality on par with what we already offer then we need to chose accordingly! Honestly it's only a matter of taste so... it's nothing personal!!!

Also we do not accept other craft groups/collectives, craft market providers or craft event/workshop providers or third parties who work as an agent for a designer. This is solely for designer makers!

Craft Guerrilla blog opportunity:
However we do also have advertising space on the blog for independent retailers who sell hand made gifts, galleries, fabric shops and haberdashers as well as craft book publishers, zine makers and creative magazines! We will not accept any high street companies or companies who sell massed produced products. Get in touch for fees and T&C's. 

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