Wednesday 21 November 2012

Swishing you a merry Christmas...

This December we'll be joining forces with SannaPanda & Friends in order to bring you a very special Christmas Swishing event.
We all have loads of garments we either no longer wear, fallen out of love with but can't part with or as I am ready to shamefully admit have never worn and probably never will because I bought it on a whim! We all have moments of madness!
So if you think there's no alternative other then sticking them in the recycling bag then think again...

Swishing is a great way to revive, refresh and boost your wardrobe and it won't cost you the earth! Literally it's a fantastic way to recycle so you are saving the planet!!!
At £1 an item you can drop off your unwanted clobber. We'll be receiving clothing from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm. 
You'll then have half an hour to browse and try other people's cast off and then when we blow the whistle at 8 pm..."SWISH"... that's when you can grab your new fashion bounty.
It's that easy!

We accept:
Dresses (Vintage, home made and High Street)
Separates (tops/blouses/shirts/vests etc. - trousers/skirts/shorts/leggins etc.)
Jumpers and knitwear
Hand bags, Belts, Hats and accessories including jewellery.

We do ask that everything you bring to be in a good wearable condition and clean.
*Sorry no underwear or socks!

When? 6th of December from 6.30 pm to 9 pm
Where? At the formidable Oak Studio in Hampstead Heath

Also you can grab a free cocktail (swishers only), buy some cake at "Cakes by Kath" baked goods stall and do some late shopping in the studio...there are so many gorgeous things in there!!!

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AnotherPartOfInfatuation said...

Hahaha that is a really good idea :)