Sunday, 4 November 2012

Hello East Sussex...

We're so proud of our sister armies and after announcing that Brighton Craft Guerrilla was ceasing to opperate we can now introduce you the new Brighton team!

We're stoked to have Sam on board with her magical crafty know how, enthusiasm and all round super duper creativity! It's a hard act to follow but we believe in Sam and know she'll do a fab job taking over where the last Brighton Craft Guerrilla left off. We love them too and after a few years of doing such a fantastic job we'll miss them dearly. Thank you Emma and gang for doing such great work and spreading the CG message. We salute you and wish you luck with everything you do in the future!

I'm excited beyond belief after hearing what Sam and Co. have in store for us...on line tutorials, craft swaps, craft meetings, classes, workshops...phew, these gals will have us packing our bags and moving down to Brighton soon if they keep up all this fabulous crafting!

So check them out,stop by their blog to say "hi", tell your friends, join them in Brighton if you can and show them your crafty appreciation!

I'm so happy that we are able to share the Craft Guerrilla ethos beyond London so if you're interested in opening up* your own CG platoon drop us a line:

*please note that their is a criteria and a philosophy to follow so requests will be received and considered according to suitability!

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