Friday, 13 May 2011

Crafting it the vintage way!

As you know we love making,crafting,creating,wearing and salvaging vintage clothing,vintage style,snazzy hair do's and doing lots of general girlie things! OK but not sickly, pink hued, flowery infused type of girlie things...Not that there's anything wrong with that but it's just not us!
And lets not be sexist neither,all the above are not exclusively for girls we welcome blokes with a dapper sense of style and appreciation for good old fashioned crafty fun plus we love guys who can use their hands! (now,now ladies!)
And so we thought:"Hum, JUNE, lots of summer weddings coming up, festivals, pic nics, parties...What can we do to mark the beginning of the warm,sunny season and the launch of the play "girlfriend" at the rose & crown theater pub (our lovely host venue)?"
Alas the idea of doing a 1940's VINTAGE INSPIRED D.I.Y. CRAFT NIGHT was born!
We'll have a selection of very lovely guests Frill Seekers Vintage and Claire Hair to help us host this event plus you'll be able to make a lovely vintage inspired fascinator in our mini workshop. Keep those peepers pealed as we'll be announcing details very soon.

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Jan E O said...

Great photo and love the vintage idea.