Monday, 10 January 2011

Want to be in our book? Recipe and Music suggestions wanted!

You've heard the rumours, you've seen the pictures of us over-excitedly clutching at our publishing contract in our sweaty paws and now I can confirm with a link to our publishers website that the Craft Guerrilla craft book will be published in June 2011! Here's a link with a bit more information about what the book is all about:

Now, being as we see ourselves as a Craft Guerrilla army with you our lovely readers as part of that, we want to ask you if you would like to contribute a little something to the book?

We're looking for your favourite recipes for crafting sessions or even craft related recipes - you know, button shaped biscuits, balls of wool shaped cupcakes, or delicious but easy dinner recipes that you make so that you can focus on the crafting without worrying about what to cook later, that kind of thing.

We're also putting together playlists to go in the book of our favourite crafting tunes. They can be themed such as for birthdays or weddings, or just different types of music you like to listen to when you're working on crafty things.

If you'd like to contribute a recipe or some music suggestions then please email with the subject line: I want to be in your book! by midnight on Monday 31st January. We will then choose the best submissions to go in the book and you will have our undying gratitude forever - plus the chance to point out your suggestion in the book and say to your friends "I suggested that track to them" or "That's my recipe" and feel all proud.

Please note that the recipes need to be your own creation - don't go trying to sneak any of Nigella's or Gizzi's past us, we will know!

I will be posting this on our facebook page as well so feel free to post your music suggestions there however please do email us your recipe suggestions, don't post them here or on facebook. If you have any questions about it all then drop us a line at We look forward to seeing what you come up with, you creatively crafty lot!

N.B: We won't be able to reply to everyone who makes a music suggestion but we will definitely contact you if we would like to use your recipe in the book.

Lisa Margreet

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