Wednesday, 12 January 2011

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As part of the local community Craft Guerrilla are proud to be nominated again for a LOVE YOUR BOROUGH AWARD! Each year the council of Waltham Forest awards groups,individuals and collectives like us for facilitating some form of service to the wider local community.

This year we've been nominated under the ARTS AWARDS.
Our events have both worked as a spring board for local designer makers enabling many to start up their own creative businesses and collaborations with other artists.
Craft Guerrilla have also worked hard to promote the area and it's designers through national and international media from Japan to Australia, online publications, blogs, an exhibition in the CRAFT Werk 2.0 in the Jönköping museum Sweden, reputable international craft communities like Etsy and even BBC2's News Night therefore launching Walthamstow as a place to visit for contemporary, high quality art & craft.

In 2010 we were lucky enough to be invited by the Knitting and Stitching shows to exhibit a few designers in London,Harrogate and Dublin. In the spirit of fairness we opened it up as a competition. The criteria was simple: applicants had to make their wares and were serious about transforming their hobby into a real business.
We've had a few success stories and we're stoked to have shared this unmissable chance with our fellow creatives!
We're really proud of the work we do with designers and most of all we believe in sharing opportunities. It's always been about facilitating, joining forces, strength in numbers and making HAND MADE something regarded with esteem, taken seriously as an art form and treated as a premium product.

Our D.I.Y. Craft Nights have also proven to be an important monthly event in people's diary. We get all sorts, all ages, from all over London and from all walks of life but many of our participants especially local elderly and people with mental health problems these events have proven to be an important life line and a way back into the community. We love spreading the crafty word and if it works like a tonic then we're happy we could provide the crafty medicine!

As a self funded,grass roots collective we're usually operating on a shoe string budget but thanks to our PR machine we've been able to successfully acheive funding from people like ETSY and both high profile Craft names.It's an endless job but we feel it's something worth pursuing!

If you think we're deserved of an award then please vote for us!
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*please note that you don't need to be a local resident just provide the information requested including your address.

The deadline is the 31st of January so please,please,please vote for CRAFT GUERRILLA!!!

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