Friday, 5 November 2010

Paper crafts!

We occasionally get asked to feature people on our blog mainly to help advertise their craft business or projects.
I absolutely love the zeitgeist for all things hand made which we're living through at the moment.
People like Kirstie Allsopp might think they started a revolution but it's been quietly happening for quite a while now. Sorry Kirstie but you're about 5 years too late!
If by bringing it to the mainstream it means people are more aware of CRAFT and gain a newer and more respectful understanding to it's a good thing!
Craft Guerrilla is all about teaching,sharing techniques and spreading the D.I.Y. CRAFT message to all and by working with real crafters we hope to make that it's not difficult to introduce you to the lovely Sharon Curtis.
So if you fancy learning the art of card making get yourself to Crouch End and pop in to see her.
As we're so close to the festive season why not go and make your own Christmas cards?
For further information visit:

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