Monday, 29 November 2010

A little craft tutorial to help feed wild birds this winter...

Wild birds will thank you for this treat...bird seed cup cakes are easy,quick and very good for your tiny feathered visitors!

make a small hole at the bottom of your paper cup cake case. Thread a bit of twine through leaving the knotted end on the bottom outside of the case

Place case into a silicone cup cake case. This will help keep it shape will it solidifies and while you make up the seed cake.

Thread the twine loops onto a chopstick or skewer and place onto a couple of glasses. This will help keep the twine out of the mix and held into place.

Place a third of the seed mix into the paper cases. Maje sure you are using a suitable wild bird mix which feeds the type of birds that visit your garden.

Melt enough fat - vegetable based or lard- into a heat proof bowl in the microwave until liquid. Beat in a tea spoon of brandy, whiskey or rum. Do not add too much spirit as this is only to provide extra heat to the little fellows...we really don't want them getting drunk!Spoon in enough to cover the seeds.

Add more seeds to fill up the paper case and spoon on the remaining fat to cover completely.

Leave to solidify.

Once it's completely set and ready to go onto the branches peel off the paper case.
You might need to snip the twine to tie it onto the tree.

Now watch happy little birds get through a very cold winter. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

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