Monday, 11 October 2010

Tic Tac Toe...make your mark on the craft scene!

Tik Tac Toe on Sunday the 7th November

Tic Tac Toe are currently looking for 6 stall-holders to set up from 12pm-6/7pm on the day, selling all types of arts and crafts.

To be eligible for a stall at Tik Tac Toe, all products and materials must be ethically sourced + cruelty free and you MUST have an Etsy online store

Once again, Etsy will be on board with Tik Tac Toe and will be buying items from stall holders that will then be given away at the end of the night in our rounds of bingo.

Photos from our last event can be found on our facebook page, here:!/photo_search.php?oid=10150123741245220&view=all

If you, or anyone you know would like to apply for a stall please email me your name, mobile number, Etsy store link and some pictures of products that we can use on our facebook site.

As an added incentive, we will be making booklets for the event in which we will feature all the stall holders selling on the day.
This will include profiles of the people and their products, which will be handed out to all the punters on the day and left around the venue.

Also in the booklets will be written pieces about everything from craft to music to fashion to London culture and anything and everything in-between!

For further info email Jade:

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