Friday, 15 October 2010

Candid Art & Design exhibition...

Candid Arts Art & Design Fair is now on!

I usually go every year and as usual the selection of designers doesn't disappoint. A splendid showcase of high quality,desirable hand made wares that will have you reaching for the purse. If you're already thinking about Chrimbo...go! It's just around the corner from Angel Tube station and a hop and a skip from Islington on the Victoria Line.
You won't find hoards of shoppers elbowing their way through the stalls,the shopping is relaxed and friendly. It's not quiet but it's calm...the kind of atmosphere I like to shop in. You can take your time, browse, look without feeling you're in some one's way and you can even talk to the designers!
You'll find absolutely gorgeous gifts and lots of temptation. Personally the intention was to go shopping for others but...I ended up treating myself!
Here are a few of my favourite things...

Alice Rose

Alice Rose Lewis

Alice Rose Lewis




Kayleigh Biggs...


Lisa Bliss

Amy Broclehurst...for info email:


Holly Fulford...

Conte de

Chantelle Pett...French Living and all things romantic!

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