Tuesday 13 July 2010

Support your local roller derby team - the creative way!

As you all know by now, as well as being a craft tutor I'm also a roller girl with the London Rockin' Rollers, skating under the name of Trixie Minx. If the blood, sweat and (other peoples') tears of being an actual roller girl isn't quite your thing (or if you're a boy and therefore physcially can't be a roller girl) then there is still a way that you can help out and share in the glamour of it all.

The London Rockin' Rollers are an entirely volunteer run league. Every bout that we put on in York Hall in Bethnal Green, each fundraiser we host and all the associated flyers, posters and other promotion (and much much more) is done by a team of tireless volunteers.

We are currently looking for people who might like to design our bout programmes and flyers in return for advert space in the programme and web links as well as credits, exposure and of course the undying love of 50 roller girls, which can never be a bad thing!

If you're an illustrator/graphic designer/creative artworker who knows their way around a mac and have experience of getting artwork to print on a deadline and you're interested in getting involved with the London Rockin' Rollers in this way then please contact Bloody Valentine on spittykittyuk@hotmail.com.

You can visit our website and find out more about our league and roller derby in general here: www.londonrockinrollers.co.uk.

Lisa Margreet

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