Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Stoke Newington International Craft Fair

One of our lovely friends took up a stall at this new up and coming craft fair in Stoke Newington.They go by the name of STOKE NEWINGTON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.
We'll be reviewing old and new weekly/monthly craft fairs so you the designer makers know exactly what you get and you the event organiser gets a feel of what is working and what isn't from the designers point of view!
As part of our service to our members we thought that a review was in order and so asked L.S. to be our first Lois Lane.
We hope you find it informative. It's not our intention to point the finger or pass judgment. We hope that by shinning a light on the negatives as well as the positive aspects that the organisers/people responsible take in account the opinions of the designer makers and take positive action.
Here's what she had to say about it...

"To start there were only 9/10 stalls (not enough to make a fair proper) and to be honest no room for anymore as the bulk of the space was set up for the cafe area with loads of sofa's etc... Which incidentally was very expensive, £1.20 for a tea... Nearly £2 for a coffee... and £2 for a small slice of cake...I don't expect to pay Costa coffee prices in a back street gallery space!

Admittedly the weather probably didn't help things, but during the whole of the day (well up to 4pm when my two neighbours and myself finally gave up and left) there was probably 2 people an hour coming through the door, at best and I suspect they were just friends of the organisers... None of us sold anything... In fact I only know of one lady who did, and that was to some one who specifically came to meet her...

When I quizzed one of the guys about how they had advertised the event, I was told they'd sent it out to their mailing list and to their friends on facebook, I'm a friend and I didn't receive anything! I did find an event on there, which had been set up by one of the stall holder... not the organisers! I should have known when I saw 12 stalls advertised on the invite... I had hoped it was a typing error!"


Publicity/ visibility ONE STAR
General helpfulness/ approachability (related to the organizers) TWO STARS
Value for money (IE stall rental) THREE STARS
Longevity/potential (will this craft event be one that people will come back to!) TWO STARS

"The guys running the show were pleasant amiable people, but alas with little or no organisational skills when it comes to craft fairs..."


We don't want to be harsh but you need to get the designer makers onside if you plan to make these craft fairs an ongoing event! The venue looks promising with a shabby chic feel to it and honestly I think that with the right sort of publicity, marketing and management it could be quite a big player in the art and music scene in years to come.

Please note:
This review was submitted by an genuine designer maker that partook in the above event. These are personal opinions and are subjected to individual views and expectations. If you have been mentioned in this post and feel misrepresented please contact us and we'll post your side of the story.

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