Monday, 1 December 2008

Craft needs you!

Hey all.
Following a conversation with Lisa (Margreet) we though that we had to add another project to our ever growing "to do" list! AND as we didn't already have enough to do...she came up with this little gem...
"Why not do a Craft Guerrilla book?!"Lisa smiles while knitting under the fig tree
"HMMMMMM my little crafty one I think you are onto something!" I reply with a large smile,a cocktail in one hand and a cup cake in another!
Like many of the Craft Guerrillas I love to branch out into all sorts of creative endeavors. I suppose that's the danger of entering the world of craft when you are an overactive creative creature.
I have a few alter egos: Handsome Betty is a baker and Munano is a naughty little spark of imagination that inhabits a world of Kawaii and Japanese delights!
I noticed that there were others like me...not content with sticking to the one craft they spend all their spare time plunging into other creative offerings.
So why not make a book showcasing simple projects and recipes? Can we send something out into the world that will hopefully inspire and bring people together? Heck yes!!!
So here's where the work begins and to do this we will need your help! We want two things...1) an original craft project of easy execution and 2)a favourite recipe (be it cake or cocktail!). Then if selected we will send you a questionnaire and get all your info/bio details from you. Also we're hoping to wrangle an illustrator or two to do the main background image work of the book so if you're interested let me know and we'll start working on it!

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