Friday 19 January 2018

Happy new year!

Phew, finally all the Christmas and New Year's Eve shenanigans are over and done with so it's time we get our stuff together and re-focus on our craft work!
It's also come to our attention that this January is our 10th anniversary! Yes can you believe it that Craft Guerrilla has officially been going since 2008?!

In fairness a lot of time has been taken off recently due to personal reasons -mainly health and family!- so it has been a bit of a long exhausting road with many bumps and hoops which have been suitably jumped through but it's also been one where many new friendships and new partnerships have been forged plus we've been part of lots of amazing projects too!

By focusing again on the initial manifesto it's taken me back to the "workshops for the masses" idea and to the belief that craft is something powerful and should be available to all. Plus exploring craft as therapy was something I'd still like to work on.  
You've probably heard the expression "Flow" and that's how we wanna roll!
It's a state similar to meditation which can usually be experienced when performing a repetitive action, like in knitting, crochet and embroidery for example and that promotes mindful reflection. And also because we are a bit of a raucous bunch we wanted to sink our teeth back into subversive crafting and getting involved with a few more guerrilla style activities.

Although we're currently focused on craft therapy through the creation of flow workshops to promote wellbeing we know that craft workshops are also a great way to start your very own making adventure by learning new skills so it's open to anyone and everyone not just to those who are looking for a wellness fix!
More and more I see how important the role of making has become, how it connects us to others and to our environment so yes... 2018 is going to be chockablock full of creativity and awesomeness!

Plus we're also looking into possibly of reintroducing our highly popular and successful Designer Maker Markets... we hope you can join us on our adventure! For now it's all in motion and we promise to tell you more as soon as we can...

So in brief 2018 sees Craft Guerrilla teaming up with an exciting new venture so keep those peepers peeled as we'll be announcing our workshop diary and more very soon!

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Oh yes and before I forget Happy New Year!!!

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