Monday, 26 October 2015

"Collage & Keep" A journal you create!

Collage has long been one of my favourite art forms. Because of its simplicity and scope it's something most people are able to do.
Arm yourself with a glue stick, a few images, magazines and some scissors and you're good to go!
This title by Eleanor Shakespeare ( and you ) from Quarto Publishing Group UK is a great way to start your journey into the world of cut out art!

Back in school I used to cover my note books with collage mainly depictions of my deities and idols which were the likes of Nina Hagen, Siouxie Sioux and Maria Callas. They seemed to be nestled among cascades of leopard print, flowers and skulls to remind myself that one day I'd be out of there school and on the stage where I belonged! Ha, it's not quite turned out that way but it's a great memory I keep in my mind of my teen aged self and of my then plans!

So this book "Collage and Keep" is a great companion for anyone who'd like to put their memories, momentos and dreams into paperback... look at it as a book of your life, a diary or a journal. Your very own memoir!!! And something you can pass down the generations too.

In an ever increasing digitalised world it's really nice to have something physical and real. It's a shame that we no longer keep photo albums (Yawn, everything is on our mobile phones now!) and I guess this book is just like a photo album but with the difference that you can add to it by way of an arty twist.

From a page that offers a  "collage your own portrait" to "collage yourself as a superhero" the accompanying illustrations are both cool and unusual which make a great background to your own creations. It also serves as a nice design guide for those who think they aren't creative.
*Which boo hiss  to you... everyone can be creative, it just takes a little self belief and we know you can do it!*

So go as intricate as you want or simply add your favourite photos as they are. This fun and quirky book is a great little time capsule where the subject is YOU!

To order a copy of Collage and Keep for the special offer price of £8, including free p&p in the UK, telephone 01903 828503 or email and quote the offer code APG379 with your name and address.

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