Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Cut Out + Keep: Around the USA in 50 craft projects!

I had the privilege to meet Cat and Tom a while ago on the London craft scene. What struck me straight away was their amazing love not just for each other but also for the whole hand made movement!

This young couple is the driving force behind the on-line community Cut out + Keep and their immense talent and energy has made it a huge success not just with UK audiences but globally too!
Cat Morley started Cut Out + Keep as her craft blog while still at university.
In 2007, with her partner Tom Waddington, she turned the blog into a community website.
Their website receives a million visitors a month and now keeps them both busy full time.
I'm a huge fan of their web site so hearing the news that they had written a book filled me with great excitement!

Cat and Tom...  cute as a button and super talented too!
"Cut Out + Keep: Around the USA in 50 Craft Projects" is a more then just a craft tutorial book though... it's also a nifty travel guide and we absolutely loved reading it! 
Inspired by the extraordinary history and culture of this enormous and interesting country Cat and Tom created a selection of step-by-step projects which showcase the singularity of each state. There are also tons of recommendations of quirky places to visit too, plus plenty of photographs which add a lovely personal touch. You really get the sense that these two had a great time exploring and coming up with their project ideas. 

The USA divided in to easy to digest sections...

But it's not simply a diary of their hand made road trip through the States but also a great insight on their fun loving and warm personalities... plus the projects are easily achieved by anyone due to the clear and concise instructions.

The projects cover a full range of craft disciplines from knitting, jewellery making, paper crafting to even some Kitsch Americana inspired food recipes like the UFO cake pops. 
I can just imagine them camping out in Roswell holding a tray of welcoming treats waiting for our extra terrestrial friends to land!

Roswell inspired cake pops... just one of the quirky projects you can make too!

The premise of this book is pretty much my perfect idea of a great American adventure story!
It's Jack Kerouac meets Martha Stewart and if you were thinking of going on a great crafty adventure then this book will be an awesome companion!
I'm so proud of them and what they achieved here... and I love that they had such an amazing adventure.
They truly are an inspiring pair and I hope they continue offering such great projects like this book. Maybe on the next trip they can bring me along... I'd be a great roadie!

Are we back in Kansas Toto? Cute Dorothy shoe tutorial... I really have to try this one!

I love the personal touches... the tourist snaps and the intros to each section... it's pretty much like we were there with Cat and Tom!

"Around the USA in 50 projects" is a Laurence King title, published in February 2015.
You can buy it here! 

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