Saturday, 8 November 2014

Christmas hand made gift directory...

As you know receiving hand made is wonderful but gifting it is even better!
So every year I take it upon my self to come up with a massive array and selection of various projects that I hope to make.
All you need to do is check out my Pinterest board "Hohoho Holly molly time to make". Packed full of ideas and good intentions though the title pretty much sums it all as it implies a need to hurry and get making!
Truth be known that I usually leave it until there's hardly anytime time to make anything! Come mid December the panic sets in and rather then hitting the High Street I opt for a little bit of Hand Made retail instead.
Really, there is no need to panic! Next year I'll start early...oh, OK, right...that's what I said last year!

If you're anything like me then don't fret, there are lots of ways to buy hand made so no excuses and no panic attacks...
there's a whole host of on line shops and communities like Etsy and Folksy but to name a few plus numerous fairs -come December and there seems to be one every day!- popping up all over town! And it's not just in London. Everywhere seems to have at least one or two but hey... that's a good thing right?

So here's my top Christmas craft crushes which I think you might like too... I personally think they'll be perfect Christmas gifts for all : Man, woman and child! Enjoy!

  • For the twitcher, classy birds or lovers of nature: Yvonne Ellen set of four plates...

available to purchase via Etsy
  • For your beautiful kiddo, niece or nephew a great vintage inspired design. Mind you I could just about squeeze my head into this! Bauble hat by Ampersandcommodities....

Via Etsy

  • For your little foxes or even for a big nature lover! These are not just for kids... Little fox by Jane Foster!

Via Etsy

  • For every cycling dude or lady dude -and no beard or moustache required as you'll look too cool for school as you peddle alongside the gentry! Leather jacket optional. Petrol Gage Bike Bell by Beachy Toes...

Via Etsy

  • For a bright fashion lover of any age! Pretty awesome don't you think? Knitted necklace by Rhea Clements. Available in a great selection of colours ....

  • As you know I love a good biscuit so if you have a friend with a sweet tooth then this is perfect! Biscuits...well cushions really, by Nikki Williams...

Via Nikki's on line shop

  • For those who'd like to make their gifts. These bright and fun fabrics would make amazing cushions, totes, tablet covers, clothing and even a tent! Beautiful fabric by Rachel Powell so you can make something nice to give...

Available via Rachels' shop

  • For the crafter meets activist (yes, that's right a Craftivist!) what better gift then a book? Check out  "Craftivism: The art of craft and activism" by the wonderfully talented and god mother of craftivism Betsy Greer. Balaclavas not included but you can knit your own...

Available on line or ask your favourite book shop to stock it!

  • And for that bloke who loves the outdoors and has just about everything! Hand made mountain range wallet by Trelabela...

Available via Etsy

  • For that man who's good with his hands... oh you know I love a man who knits! Nelson Collar kit by Wool & The Gang!

Via the Wool & The Gang website

  • A years subscription of this great magazine, The Simple Things, which anyone will love... lots of great articles and not just stories about crafts either, though there's lots to keep your hands busy! From nature, manly pursuits, recipes, family projects -yes and some crafty tutorials too!- to mindful & ethical shopping. It's got it all!

Via website

  • And finally because I'm a sucker for anything with animals on it here's a great gift for any nature fiend and Christmas lover though I suspect these would happily hang around the house all year long! A set of 4 tree decorations by the fabulous Abigail Brown. Also check out her dolls... totally amazing!

Available via Only Tiny

I hope you like my choices... and I hope that you'll agree that buying hand made from small independents and designer makers is the way to go! Together we can share with the world the value of craft, well designed and well made goods.
This year don't buy mass produced and if you can't buy hand made... Make it yourself!!!


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