Friday, 26 September 2014

A world of quilts by Cassandra Ellis...

"A World of quilts" by Cassandra Ellis is an amazing book, pages packed with inspiration and tips as well as perfectly clear instructions on a huge variety of quilting styles. Here she offers updated versions of classic designs using traditional techniques and patterns in order to make quilts more fitting to today's modern home decorating tastes.

If you've never tried quilting then I'd honestly recommend this book. It doesn't look scary or complicated, nor does it make you feel like this is some secret dark art that only a few can partake in... everything is neatly explained and set out for you to start making!
Cassandra explains the basics from how to cut your fabric to how to sew on your backing which some might think is obvious but I found really helpful.
It's also really accessible as this book is divided into sections explaining and describing numerous types of quilts like the Housetop, the Star, the String Quilt, the Welsh bars and numerous others as well as exploring the use of tools and techniques in the "Quilting Masterclass" chapter. Again it might seem obvious but is perfect for the novice quilter but also great for the seasoned quilter as it serves as a great refresher and resource.

I must confess that quilting was one of those things that though I do love I've never really delved into too much. Growing up in the States you see so much of it that it kind of becomes an everyday thing. Pretty much every household had one handed down from grandma or great aunt Mildred. Though after reading this I truly am more interested in the history and the techniques used in quilt making. Heck, I might even try making my own which I can pass down to my nieces and nephews!

Cassandra Ellis is a designer maker with a flare for colour and composition. Her designs are warm and beautifully modern!
Originally from New Zealand she now runs her very own London studio and sells her work to private clients and in numerous retailers including Liberty of London.

Her home-wares and interiors are designed to be thoughtful and beautiful, using traditional techniques and materials. She also teaches workshops and works closely with the charity Habitat for Humanity helping to create living spaces tailored to the lives of the intended residents. To say that Cassandra is solely a sewing superstar wouldn't be enough... personally I see her as an artist too. A very accomplished, thoughtful and engaging artist!
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