Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Calling all animal loving designer makers!

We love Celia Hammond and that's not just because she is a fashion icon of the 1960's!
Celia has been a staunch animal activist since her early days when she was a super model. Horrified by the seal cull in Canada she vowed to never wear fur again and so her campaign work began.
We love kind people and we think that we can all make a difference hence why we are talking about Celia and her organisation.

She's an inspiration and after reading posts on the Celia Hammond Animal Trust Face Book page we were moved by stories of how they are dealing with huge numbers of abandoned animals in their London centres.
Since Christmas there has been a massive influx and they are having trouble dealing with all the new residents. Mainly these pets have been felines and some dogs too but mainly cats.
For what ever reason people have for giving up their pets it's not up to us to judge we are just happy to be able to put an idea forward to help this amazing charity!
AND so we've come up with the idea of doing an online TOMBOLA. Each ticket will cost £1 and all funds will go to the trust. We will have a first, second and third prize and every single item will be hand made because that's our other LOVE.
So if you fancy donating a hand made item then please get in touch. We'll add your link to the Tombola post as a thank you and if you can please add a link back to the TOMBOLA post that would be dandy too because we want to raise as much money as possible!!!

However if you are not able to donate an actual item to the tombola then maybe you can use your craft work. The Trust has requested toys for their animals like simple catnip mice.
A simple and soft catnip mouse for playful but shy cats might just be what they require to help them get back into tip top shape. Play is fun and we think these little kitties need some too!
Here's an easy pattern and when you're finished please send to the main centre in East London. Address details and other info available here.... Celia Hammond Animal Trust.
BUT if you can help even further then they are also looking for foster homes so get in touch with the trust if you are able and willing to take a little ball of fur into your home while he or she awaits a new loving family!
Also there's a handy list of items you can buy which is delivered directly to the trust via Amazon...

Deadline for receipt of donated items: Saturday the 9th of February. Please email us for our postal address via email craftguerrilla@yahoo.com

The Celia Hammond fund raiser Tombola will then be receiving donations by way of ticket sales from the 11th of February until the prize draw which will be on the 31st of March!

Please note that the Celia Hammond Trust are no way involved in this fundraiser...we, Craft Guerrilla, are running it to present a donation to them after the draw.

Lets use the power of craft and help make the world a better place!

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