Friday, 14 December 2012

Happy holidays and looking forward to a new year!

Happy holidays everyone, we hope you've had an awesome year filled to the brim with crafty magic!
This year has been an interesting one... not always great but filled with life lessons which we can take away and learn from. It's all part of life and our experiences make us stronger and more in tune with what we actually want to do with Craft Guerrilla.
And so we've decided that things need to evolve and change plus we need to bring you a lot more so we can still function within our selves and as part of the growing London craft community. Plus we need to keep Craft Guerrilla independent but self sufficient!!!

A lot more in the way of posts/content will be added so our beautiful blog becomes more of a resource, a place of learning and above all somewhere you'll want to explore and stay for a while.
More pages are being added including a resource page where you can find great people/companies who can help you on your crafty travels.
We want you to make, bake and take away something which is of value...and not just a blog which is a great read! Yes recipes and tutorials are good but we know that for example sometimes trying to take your craft to the next level can be a struggle. There seems to be a world of information out there but sometimes it's hard to see the wheat from the chaff!

Our blog is pretty much an extension of our zine and if you've read it you might have noticed that we don't just cover craft. Oh yes we love cake baking, cocktail making, DJ-ing and finding great new design talent! Oh yes we're keen craft magpies and love hunting out all those shiny nuggets of creative awesomeness.
Speaking of which we're also looking into adding to our "guerrilla shop" and feature more designer maker products direct to the buying public. It's still a way away but it's in the pipeline!!!

We've been so lucky to work with lots of seriously talented people... "OK Jo" of Soupa Creatives was one of them and she created this fab cover for us!

In the new year we will be adding to the blog so it's a bit more like our zine which by the way you can purchase in our Guerrilla shop on our web site.
Keep your peepers peeled because we're on a mission... so if you'd like to contribute get in touch!
Please send us an example of your writing and a short bio of yourself plus why you'd like to work with us. Also if you'd like to submit any craft tutorials, recipes or be part of our resources page let us know what you can offer.
Unfortunately writing content and tutorials is an unpaid position but it's a great opportunity to get your writing and projects out there under the Craft Guerrilla umbrella.

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