Thursday, 11 October 2012

"Lençinhos dos namorados"...a stitched call out for exhibitors!

"Lençinhos dos namorados" is a very old Portuguese tradition which began by semi illiterate women embroidering hankies for their lovers some of which were fisherman.
These little tokens also served as good luck charms and as a constant reminder that their lady's love would be waiting for them upon their return while they worked on the stormy and harsh seas.
Filled with pretty, colourful images and designs they also featured spelling mistakes and grammatical errors which personally I think makes them utterly charming! These little pieces of linen are a true and pure account of someone's love for another and also served as a "sampler" to teach girls the basics of embroidery.

"our love will end when this dove takes flight" Please note that if it were translated with typos it might be something like this: "Our love wood end wen this dove takes flite"

And so here's what we propose...
As part of our next E17 Art Trail exhibition we'd like to invite embroiderers from all corners of the globe to send in their hankies for an exhibition which will take place in September 2013.
Please add a message on a hankie in your own language though we'll need a translation in English on a piece of paper so we can tell people what it says when we show it!

It needs to be a message of love though it doesn't need to have typos or spelling mistakes...we're just taking inspiration from these beautiful works of art! Make it as intricate or as simple as you like...
As long as it's passionate we welcome it.... plus we can dry our tears when we're overcome with emotion!!!
It can be a love letter to an unrequited love, a partner, a lost love, a family member, a pet or something more abstract like a city, a cocktail, a band or a anything which gives you that warm fuzzy feeling that you'd like to convey to the world. 
P.S. Free hand machine embroidery is also accepted!
If you'd like to read more (though you'll have to copy and paste the text to google translate...) visit:

The deadline is Friday May the 31st 2013 so we can organize and get the show promoted.

We also hope to tour this exhibition so you'll need to give us permission to show your work under our banner but we'll send a release form to all contributors.
If you'd like to know more please email us for details...

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