Thursday, 12 July 2012

Shower curtain tutorial...

It's not a surprise that IKEA are the leader in home wares & furniture as it's also no secret that I have a long standing love affair with the Scandi flat pack giants! So in my never ending quest to find the perfect shower curtain I headed off to the large blue and yellow box off the A12. Yes I do have a thing about shower curtains and take finding the "perfect one" very seriously!
Usually I have no problem in finding things I like and easily deviate from my carefully written list...oh yes, you know what I'm talking about! No list means coming away with boxes of tea lights, arms full of photo frames and trollies filled with that stuff you sigh and mutter about at the check out with "I don't really need this but...." statements but still place them on the conveyor belt!
After many years of buying at IKEA and always finding the "perfect" shower curtain I was disillusioned with their current choices. Bland, functional and very austere... and just because we're in the age of austerity it doesn't mean I want a grey, plain, boring shower curtain in my bathroom Ikea designers!!! It is after all the first thing most of see in the morning!!! So I picked up a plain white £3.99 plastic "Eggegrund" curtain with the intention of adding something of my own onto it.
And so I did and here is my simple shower curtain tutorial...

step 1: Lay out your curtain onto a large table and wipe the curtain with some hot soapy water to remove any grease or dust. Leave to dry.

step 2: Choose a design. I opted to draw it first on paper and I'm glad I did so. I had an idea where I was going with it though I did slightly change the composition.
With a soft nib pencil draw your design onto the curtain.

this is what you need: Shower curtain (plain white) a design, a pencil and some permanent markers!

step 3: When you're ready and happy with your design use a permanent market and trace your drawing. I used Sharpies* though others are available. I got mine form Amazon and they were a really good price for a pack of 12!!!
I also chose to use a simple black outline for my design because I think it adds extra Kawaii cuteness to it.
*Please note: other brands are available...

step 4: colour in your design... I used simple vertical strokes for the look I was after... but it's up to you what you do! I also left a few "rain drops" plain IE without colouring them in.

 step 5: That's it. Hang it on your shower rail and enjoy a happy shower in the morning!!! Hope you enjoy making your own and please do share your photos of your creations!

And here's a very apt tune for your shower...

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