Monday, 30 April 2012

The Creative Line...

You'd be forgiven for thinking that living in the suburbs consisted of not much more then weekly knitting circles, bake sales, commuters, wife swapping sessions and knowing your neighbours by their first names.
It is in fact a completely misguided stereotype though I do know my neighbours! Suburbia has come a long way and most places have their very own identities and micro economies.

The suburbs of outer London are teaming with creativity with the likes of artists, musicians and independent businesses setting up in the outskirts of town.
Many have moved in not necessarily for their love of a the "good life" but mainly because of soaring rents and extremely expensive business rates charged nearer to town. With so many creative people being pushed out to the peripheries it's not a surprise that some exciting projects have flourished. These people are bringing a little flavour of the cosmopolitan life style to the burbs and they are doing it in style!
On opposite ends of The Victoria line you'll find such projects. Both Brixton Village Market and Wood Street Indoor Market have crept up on residents to add a much needed alternative for shoppers in search of some creative retail. We are so proud to be part of the relaunch of Wood Street and are happy to be there working hard to promote the whole market and our business!
You can find everything you'll need from vintage clothing, craft markets, work shop providers, artisan baked goods, restored and recycled furniture, collectables, hand made goods, retro hairdressing to street food and more!

The Victoria Line is teaming with creative independent businesses...from Walthamstow, Highbury, Kings Cross to Brixton... get yourself a travel card and explore! Though we love our corner of London we also love the diversity we have on offer in our fine capital city so we will travel in order to purchase, learn and collaborate with other inspiring indie shop owners. We owe it to each other to make independent retail a viable reality and to help it flourish and grow!

For further information on our "Shop Local" campaign or if you're a creative/independent business in Walthamstow get in touch...we'd love to hear from you! Get involved and support you indie businesses...we need you!!!

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