Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tech fail...now who can help?

Besides myself I think there are quite a few people experiencing the same Blogger issue. We're in need of assistance over one simple little thing which seems to have no easy or straight forward answer.
You'd think the solution was obvious as Blogger is normally easy and friendly to use. BUT...no not on this occasion!
I've come across this particular question time and time again and it's exactly what I have been asking:
How do you add the "pages" bar under the blog banner so you have all your info neatly organized on blogger?
It doesn't seem to allow more then one page.
Yep, I've found a few forums, I've followed Bloggers instructions when adding the gadget to "drag down to change order of pages"...DRAG DOWN??? Drag down to where exactly??? And it's only the one page...I need at least 4!!!
I'm confused and normally I'm what I think a bit of a whiz when it comes to Blogger but this...heck this has got me stumped! Plus the annoying bit is that we had a web designer staying over for a few days and I completely forgot to ask him to fix it. Does anyone know?


MichaelaKnits said...

Go to "New Post", and underneath the "settings" tab you'll see "edit pages". Click that then click "new page". Ta-dah!

Annika said...

I am really bad at explaining stuff, but try this: Go into Design view and click Add A Gadget underneath your banner box. To add pages, you need to go to your Posting tab (on top of the Design window), where you will find the Edit Pages option. Click on that, and you can now edit or add pages to the pages bar. Once you have edited them, you can go back to your Pages Gadget in Design view and arrange them in the order you want. Let me know if you have any questions or if this seems like complete gibberish!

Jessica said...

Hi. I *think* I know what you mean. So you're just looking to create pages like 'Home' 'About me' 'Contact' etc, and display them under your banner? If so, the way I did mine was in 'Edit posts', then click the tab 'Edit pages'. Once in here, you can see a button called 'New page' and create up to 10 pages. I believe as soon as you 'publish' a page it is automatically placed along the top of your blog under your banner, but you can move the pages to the side of your blog when in the 'Design'tab, if you prefer. When in the 'Design' tab, you can also click on 'Pages' (it appears like any other gadget)to edit settings (i.e clicking and dragging to change page order). I hope this is what you meant and that this has helped in some way!

woot said...

Hello! I added pages to my blog so perhaps I can help...

Have you added the pages gadget already? If you haven't go to design/page elements/add gadget and select 'pages'.
It will probably go into your sidebar or wherever you usually add gadgets. Drag this up (or down depending on where it is) so it is under your header section.

Then go to posting, edit pages and click on 'add new page'. Give it a title and add a description, links etc.

If you need to edit the order of your pages, go back to design/page elements and click on 'edit' within the pages gadget, and you'll be able to drag and drop to rearrange them.

Hope this helps! I'm by no means an expert, but hopefully this will work for you x

munano said...

HA...it's easy when you know!!! So sweet of all you ladies to advise. Thank you all!!! I shall try it this evening... X

munano said...

Urgh...I guess if I wanted to add any old posts I need to create a new post to add to the page? IE I'd like to add all our upcoming events under one page...Is that possible? I'm so sorry to be such a donut! ;)