Thursday, 17 March 2011

Japan needs crafty folk like you!

The tragic events that recently unfolded in Japan have prompted me to do something...I am both knitting squares for blankets project as well as attending tomorrows Bake For Japan event in Shoreditch but usually animals are the forgotten victims in such horrific times. Both man and beast have been affected and I feel like I must help.
I've put up one of my paintings for auction in aid of the charity "Japan Earth Quake Animal Rescue & Support".
All money made from the auction will be sent directly to the charity. What you need to do?
Visit our face book page and BID!Also you can place a bid here on the blog post as a comment. We've started with a bid of £10 by Claire C.
Otherwise visit the other two fore mentioned events/projects and do your bit.
Thank you!!!

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Mya.L said...

Beautiful painting, beautiful cause.