Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Love Notes...

Artist and Craft Guerrilla Deborah Daniel has already started working on next September's Art Trail piece. Because of the proximity of Valentine's day and the LOVE EASY fair she's found inspiration for her project and would love for you to be included.

"For the next Art Trail I'm compiling a participative public art project where people are invited to write a LOVE NOTE completely anonymously. This can be to your first love, present partner, pet, granny or to the "one that got away".
It's a great way to get it off your chest or to finally let go or come to terms with an unrequited love!"

Messages will be on display as part of the Beautiful Interiors Valentine's window then later on the collection of notes will be compiled into a lovely hand bound book illustrated by guest artists and sold at several outlets. The profits of the book will go to charity which has yet to be decided.

If you want to include your entry please comment anonymously at the end of this post and all submissions will be transcribed.

Illustrators: If you'd like to submit work please contact me via email:


Anonymous said...

love note:
It's been over 14 years since I first met you. It was like someone had stopped the world and we were the only two people left alive. That summer Camden Town seemed to melt into the universe and we existed briefly in the same breath!
For that one fleeting moment you made me feel like I was truly alive and for that I thank you and will love you for always.

Anonymous said...

Finding you made me happier than I'd ever been, losing you has made me sadder than I've ever felt. Missing you brings tears, remembering you brings smiles. I promised no matter what that I'd never forget the happy times. I really won't. Xx

Unknown said...

In the words of Placebo "without you I'm nothing" x

Anonymous said...

"thank you for finding me!"
"it's wonderful to get goosebumps just from hearing your voice"

Anonymous said...

We could have had the world...

ophelia said...

Forever and a day

I want to hold you,
Until time stops
And our problems cease to exist

I want to kiss you,
Until the skies fall
And the world crumbles around us

I will love you,
Until the stars stop shining
And the sun's burning fire dies out

Anonymous said...

i think of you almost every day, even though it's been 5 years since you've passed.
i miss your soft fur pressing against my cheek while i sleep.
even though there will be other cats in my life, you'll always be my special love.