Monday 2 August 2010

Honksville...the story so far!

I love this!

We tweeted the craft world to send us their lovely products so we could review them for you. Honksville replied and sent us a few samples of what they make.
First I tried their tote. "Beautiful" I thought "but is it big enough to take my folder,book and lunch?" Well no doubt you figured out that I'm a busy gal so I need a bad ass bag that is both on the right side of cute and roomy to accommodate all my paraphernalia. The good news is that...Hooray,it all fitted!!!
This is good...well made,sturdy,nice choice of fabrics and screen printed with their own inimitable designs.
The Badge is also very cool...a soft badge as opposed to the other sort you see around which are great in their own way but this is again very much "Honksville". You get the feeling that their products reflect the humour of this Canterbury duo and that there is a definite "Honsville" touch.
I really hope they go far as it's just the type of thing I use responsibly sourced and organic materials where possible) slightly dark,childish and fun!
You can visit the web site:
or meet them in the flesh at the next Summer Craft Guerrilla Market on Saturday 28th of August.

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