Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Wear That There

We love gorgeous handmade items so I thought I'd share my latest find with you. Wear That There are handmade necklaces designed and made by local Hackney girl, Clare O'Driscoll.

As her website says:

Imagine your favourite words imprinted onto a sterling silver necklace, hand-made especially for you in Hackney...

It's a perfect gift - choose words that mean something to your friend / mum / girlfriend / whoever.

The song you had your first kiss to...... The silly phrases you've kept on saying..... A line from their favourite book.... The secret nickname you share with your best friend.... The mantra that keeps you calm... The song that was played at your first gig..... Something that makes them laugh... A line from your favourite film...

We will shortly be adding new products, and new options for these necklaces including star stamps, charms, etc. Contact us at if you need any more information!

I'm eagerly awaiting my custom designed rollergirl name necklace - Clare has done me a special bespoke design with two tags, the first one printed with my skate name Trixie Minx and the second tag with my league, the London Rockin' Rollers team song lyric: "I love rock 'n roll"!

Check out her website at

Lisa Margreet

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Unknown said...

Great idea and not mass produced Hoorah for the individual...