Thursday 6 May 2010

desperately seeking...funding!

We're desperately looking for funding to allow us to change venue for our D.I.Y. Craft Night. In order to do so we need some "mula", "Reddies", "Wonga", "Spandulies", "Bread" get the picture!!!
Not that we're not appreciative of The Rose & Crown but we're quickly outgrowing the space. It's a nice pub but we're very limited in the area where we host our evening.
AND so... we're looking for help from investors. When we say investors we mean nice lovely artists and indie crafts people not your big corporates or high Street companies. In order to make this a reality we're selling off some advertising space. For £100 a year or £60 per 6 months you can advertise on our blog plus you also get a special link on our website. That's on average 27pence per day if your getting the yearly deal. You'll be able to take advantage of our high web traffic and thanks to our promo team get noticed. We've been featured in the Evening Standard, Time Out, BBC Good Homes, News Night and have an extensive network of "friends" which visit both our site and blog.
Also your very welcome to become a sponsor. This means you're a Craft Guerrilla benefactor and we'd love you forever!Whatever you can afford helps so please do if you can. As you know we are a totally self funded grass roots project and we depend on the generosity of people like you!
Sounds good? For further information , T&Cs and requirements E mail Deborah:

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