Monday, 22 March 2010

Tic Tac stalls up for grabs in Whitechapel!

We were contacted by these lovely people and we thought it might be something you craft loving peeps would be interested in...

"We will be starting a once a month event in London.
The event is called 'Tik Tac Toe' and will be a whole day into evening thing with an acoustic band in the afternoon along with market stalls, cakes, tea, food, board games etc and then a headline act in the evening along with happy hour, and Djs.

This first one will be held on April 3rd at Carnivale in Whitechapel

We’ll need market stalls- selling all manner of arts and craft things- set up for a small portion of the day, between 2pm-6pm. There will be no set up fee’s for sellers."

Please contact Jade, the organizer not

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