Monday, 9 November 2009

oh you lucky people...designer number three!

OK, I might be a little bit bias as I absolutely love
Moxie Beauty products.
I'm not sure how many Moxie perfumes I have now but I've lost count!They are all so yummy and special that I must have them all! *CUE evil laugh* AND now she's made solid perfumes in keep sake boxes...OH the temptation!
Hand blended using the finest ingredients this hand made company has been our top seller at the Craft Guerrilla summer markets. Cassie is an alchemist/dark fairy and has a rare talent! I'm so happy she'll be at the William Morris gallery...well I know it'll mean that I'll have to buy another scent which isn't a bad thing! Hmmmm...I'm sure she uses a cauldron to mix her perfumes!

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