Friday, 21 August 2009

A BIG thank you to all our lovely illustartor friends...

We've had so many submissions for our craft-zine cover that I think we'll have to release it on a monthly rather then tri monthly basis!!!
So many talented people have come forth and offered their talents...I always knew illustrators were generous creatures but guys and gals,you have really surpassed all expectations.
Lots of grateful crafty karma's going your way!
The winner will be chosen on Sunday night (23rd of August) and because the quality has been so good we're throwing it to the lap of the gods.
Believe me it's getting more and more difficult to chose! So this way it's a case of Lady luck choosing who gets the honour.
We're putting names into a hat and pulling out a random entry. It's much easier this way because I really can't choose!
Also because of this we've decided that some illustrations that haven't made it onto the cover will be used in the Zine to illustrate articles.
So if you haven't yet sent in your illustration do so before Sunday evening.
All submissions will be posted on our blog...because we want to share our new friends talents,plus all entrants web sites will be linked on both our blog and web site and they'll get a special little treat as a thank you!
Once again thank you so much!!!

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