Tuesday, 12 May 2009

E17 D.I.Y. craft night...UPDATE

Hey boys and girls.
We know just how much you folk love the Monthly Walthamstow D.I.Y. Craft Wednesdays so we're looking into finding an alternative venue for the 20th of May.
As our usual home has changed hands and they're refreshing,cleaning and moving in this month... we won't be able to do our "Craft Thang" at the Castle! It's cool but a shame as all you lovely people (and us) were looking forward to creating a bit of crafty fun!
Fingers crossed we'll have some info soon about the new venue so please keep checking the blog. Don't forget that we have other monthly events and a new bi monthly residency at the Make Lounge in Islington.
So yes we're still at quite a few other places.We hope you can come and check them out and get your fix there instead. So for now we're at 93 feet east, The Old Queen's head,the Make lounge and we hope to be back soon at the Castle. Don't forget that we're starting our monthly craft markets on Saturday the 30th of May in Beautiful Interiors (34 Orford Rd. Walthamstow Village E17 9NJ)


a lonely craftivist said...

damn you are busy guerrillas!:) just wanted to say I really enjoyed the Crafternoon in Angel last weekend: it was welcoming, great music, great kits and chilled out. time went so quickly we had to get kicked out hehe. keep up the great work craftsters!

East London Craft Guerrilla said...

Thanks for coming and making it so fab!!!

Mya.L said...

Please please please do find a new venue for next Wednesday in Walthamstow - I was planning to bring 2 of my visiting Parisian friends along!