Monday 5 January 2009

Put the needle on the record VALENTINE'S EDITION"

Happy new year!

As it's the beginning of another exciting year but also the middle of winter we thought that it was very apt to offer our lovely crafters the chance to shine through the long dark nights armed with crafty glee and the prospect of "renewal and making all things beautiful"at our first 2009 D.I.Y craft night!
Also as it's just before Valentine's day we will be offering lovable,romantically inspired projects for you to gift your beloved or keep for your own lovely self!

This year we're pushing our "recycle and remake" ethic by offering a fun project that anyone can create...
Christmas is a time of bounty and we all get things we absolutely love but also things we don't need or want. Some may say unwanted tat but we know different!!!
We've put our heads together and thought...why not recycle some of these unwanted gifts?! AND so we came up with the idea of making lovely usable everyday items for all to enjoy!
If you've been given a horrid Chrimbo jumper,scarf etc. fear not,help is on the way! Bring it along and we'll help you make either an iPOD case, a mobile phone case,a camera case,ETC. It's easy and above all it's reusing/recycling and we love the idea of helping out our little planet of ours!
We'll be offering this special opportunity in three stages the first being the "UNRAVELLING" event, followed by the second "Cast on" and finally the third and last bit of the project "FINISHING" at or March edition.

Please check the web site and blog closer to the date for further instructions.

Take care my crafty friends and hope to see you soon!

"PUT THE NEEDLE ON THE RECORD Valentine's edition" featuring the first stage of our recycled project : "UNRAVELLING" on WEDNESDAY the 21st OF JANUARY AT THE CASTLE PUB WALTHAMSTOW VILLAGE (EDEN RD E17) FROM 8PM.

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