Thursday 6 November 2008

Sneaky peek! Who's at the Christmas craft market?!

Moxie Beauty is all a girl could want and hope for...
Lots of sweet,fresh,zingy, head turning high quality perfumes,bath bombs, oils and beautifying lotions and aromatherapy potions!
A must for any lady (or gent) that likes to be pampered!

"Purple Hayes" is one of the characters specially commissioned for Moxie Beauty's exclusive fragrances. Made with the finest oils and no alcohol so perfect for sensitive skin.
"Who says you need pain for pleasure? Purple Hayes is the mistress of the sweet sting. This naughty pinup can achieve with her feathers what other others can't with a whip. As she glides to the edge of the stage her vibrant peacock feathers caress your face like a stolen kiss.
The quintessential manicured hand in a vintage violet glove; a girlish swirl of hard candy, desire, lipstick and velvet lipped lies."
She sounds like my kind of gal!

Check out their uplifting aromatherapy potions! A mixture of pure oils created to aid restless nights,stressful lives or to liven things up when you're a little bit under the weather. Once you've tried Moxie's lotions and potions you won't be able to live with out them!

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