Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Something for the weekend!

We love blogs which showcase the works and musings of many. Run by creative professionals from the UK, Australia and the Middle East, "Jackie Magpie" is dedicated to the pursuit of visual, creative loveliness in all its forms.
You might even recognize one of their writers Kate Forrester, well I mean you might have seen her work as she's a very busy illustrator.

Absolute Press produced a luxury, hard-back, ‘coffee table’ book, dedicated to the delights (and horrors) of Marmite. Illustrated by Kate Forrester
The mix of posts and beautiful, sumptuous imagery is always a treat which will make a wonderful and varied read. It will happily take you through the weekend...and if you're feeling the mid week blues it will carry you through until Friday with gorgeously shot photos, interesting articles, reviews, interviews and the promise of finding something inspirational!

Book reviews include: The Bathing Women by Tie Ning (Blue Door Books)

Jackie Mag Pie a blog which is pretty and also a great read!
We're definitely going to read Jackie Magpie over breakfast this weekend though I'm finding it hard to not peep until Saturday morning! Some things you really should save but then can't get enough of a good thing!

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